50 Spectacular Images of Earth From Space

Ever since humans were first able to snap a picture of the Earth from space, they have always longed to capture more interesting and beautiful images of the Earth. There are many satellites that are capturing different angles of the Earth and the International Space Station is full of astronauts that get to see the Earth from a different view every day.

Earth has always been a fascinating world to look at because it is the only planet in the solar system that we know of that can support life such as us and it is a magnificent object to look at in the black abyss. Humans have been going to space ever since the 1960s and space travel today is starting to become a normal thing that civilians will be able to participate in. SpaceX and Virgin Galatic have set off to make space travel possible for you and me, we could be able to see the Earth from space in the near future.

If you are fascinated by the different scenes of Earth from space and want to learn a bit more about the history of space travel and our planet, then you should check out these 50 amazing photos of Earth from space which will leave you bewildered.