40 Most Dangerous Animals on Earth — You'll Never Guess Which Is Deadliest!

It’s no secret that we live on an unpredictable and wild planet! Every animal lives with the understanding that life can end at any given moment — sometimes as result of an interaction with another species. The following article takes a look at the most dangerous animals alive and breathing on earth. We’ll offer details on how many humans are killed per year by them (or historically if there isn’t data on a per year basis), where they can be found, and a few fascinating details about their existence.

Strap in… it’s about to get dangerous!

Golden Poison Frog

Humans Killed Per Year: NA

Where They Can Be Found: Colombia

Notable Features: Bright vibrant yellow body

The golden poison frog is considered one of the most poisonous animals in the world. One frog holds sufficient venom to kill 10 adults. So far there hasn’t been any information shared on how many people have died from an encounter with a poison dart frog throughout history. However it's clear that it’s venom makes it one of the global’s deadliest animals.

The indigenous people of Colombia used to tip their darts and blowguns with its venom before hunting. The golden poison frog keeps its toxins in glands beneath its skin, so eat a bit of one and it’s all over.